Shine A Light …on… ‘JobKeeper’ Payment

As we continue to try to catch a breath from all the chaos going on with Coronavirus, we are still following along with the Australian Government’s third and latest stimulus package. This package focuses on the ‘Job Keeper’ payment, aimed at helping businesses keep their staff, which will be a lifeline for many people over the coming months. * Note : this is ‘Job Keeper’ (with a K!!) … NOT…  Read more

Shine A Light … on … National News

  What does it mean for your business? The Coronoavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Australia has managed to challenge every aspect of business operations in an extremely short period of time.  Many business owners and managers are scrambling to comprehend what the next few months will hold and how they will get their business through to the other side. Much information is being distributed but, understandably, there are a lot of…  Read more

How to get your life back in a seven-day-a-week business

Small business owners already have a difficult and time-consuming job running their business. If their business is open five days a week, they usually need the weekend to catch up on paperwork, pay bills and manage any tasks they didn’t get to during the week. For those with a seven-day-a-week business, there’s even less time off. They often feel the need to be onsite any time the business is open,…  Read more

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