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The daily running of a business doesn’t just happen without having smart business systems in place. To run a smooth set of operations, you need to have the right processes and procedures. At Business in Lights, we work closely with businesses to implement smart systems that work for them to improve effectiveness and efficiency. In a nutshell, we ask “what are you doing and how can we improve it?”


The benefits of great business systems are huge. The most obvious advantage is improved efficiency. Better systems allow you to save time and get tasks done faster. This means you can spend more time doing what you love. We’ve also helped many clients increase their return on investment (ROI) and align their processes with their business strategy. The right systems also allow you to get so much more out of your business. With the right information and data, you can get insights out of your business so you can make smart decisions. Ultimately, successful business processes equal a successful business.

Our approach

Our business systems services follow a three-step approach. We developed this after working with small-medium business owners across Australia for many years. Our experience also allows us to connect our advice to your broader financial system, saving you even more time and money.

1. Lights

The first step we take when working with new clients is to assess their current business systems. We understand just how important it is to have the right systems in place, but we won’t provide any advice until we completely understand your business and how you currently operate. In this step, we’ll shine the light on your current systems to identify bottlenecks and issues with the present processes.

2. Camera

Once we understand how your business is currently operating, we’ll sit down for a chat with you. During this discussion, we’ll talk through our suggestions for improvement. We’ll create a detailed plan to map out the changes so you can see the entire picture of your business. Our focus here is always on how we can improve effectiveness and then improve efficiency. Time savings are great but the system, technology or process needs to be the most suitable one for your business first. Having worked closely with business owners for years, we have the expertise to present changes that will make a positive difference to your business.

3. Action

After you and your team are on board with the plan, we’ll get to work helping you implement them. We understand change can be daunting, but our team will help you with any software, reporting or system updates and make sure they’re implemented seamlessly. As part of this process, we’ll also conduct ongoing checks and review to make sure the system is operating well and suits your growing business.

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