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If you’re like most creative people, you probably found yourself falling into running a business because of your natural skill. You’ve got a special talent in performing, designing or writing and you decided to pursue it. But you realise very quickly that running a business involves so much more than just doing what you love. Bookkeeping, tax, BAS, payroll, compliance, reports…they’re necessary evils but if it’s not your thing then it all becomes a nightmare. That’s where Business in Lights can help.

Bookkeepers for Creatives

Our bookkeeping and BAS services are designed with creative business people in mind. As creators and performers as well, we understand theatre, we know performing, we just get the industry. Shayne and the team also have a real knack for numbers. We know how to improve cashflow, prepare and lodge BAS, prepare profit and loss statements and reconcile bank and credit card statements. We’ve got the expertise to handle simple budgets right through to complex business problems.


Most Australians have a shared aversion when it comes to dealing with the ATO. It’s time consuming, stressful and confusing for business owners. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our BAS (Business Activity Statement) services are designed to ensure your business stays compliant. With Business in Lights, you won’t have to worry about being on the wrong side of the ATO again. We’ll take care of the whole process including the preparation, review and lodgement of your BAS. These statements are key to the success of your business as they make sure your business is reporting correctly. With Business in Lights, you get to work with a qualified advisor who knows what you need to keep your business compliant.


Cashflow is a word you hear quite a lot from accountants, bookkeepers and business owners because it’s just so important. Being cashflow positive is the key to running a successful business. But we won’t just prepare a budget or cashflow statement and leave you to it, at Business in Lights, we actually care about your business. We’ll sit down with you to learn about your business, your challenges and where you want to go. Then we’ll develop a cashflow strategy plan to improve the way cash flows through your business. We know just how important it is for small business owners to understand their numbers and to know what to do to improve business performance.

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