Are you at the bottom of the list?


So I introduced some changes to my business over the summer break (while I had some “down time” to think!)  Along with that came some resolutions and a BIG LIST of things to do!

But do you know what?  I’ve hardly ticked anything off that list … I haven’t done the things I wanted to do … I’ve been distracted by life and now I feel bad.


I started a Facebook group that was all about creatives in business and providing them with information and solutions to make their business lives more simple and easy to manage.  You know … so they can keep creating and doing what they do best?!  The plan was to regularly post some “How To” and “Best Practice” guides to give them reliable and correct information without thousands of Google searches to find answers that apply to them.  Maybe even to inspire them, or reassure them, or challenge them.  That was on my list …..

I have a new website and I was going to write a blog every week, build up my newsletter subscriptions and really start to develop some great things for my clients and contacts.  That was on my list …..



Do you have a list?

That list of things to do for my business?  Was at the bottom of the list of things to do for my clients, and my family, and my friends ……….. and everything else life throws at us!

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling disappointed in myself.  You know when you have a sad or bad thought and it goes round and round and round … and getting past it seems just too hard.  And I STILL haven’t tackled that ToDo list!


LightIt’s OK!

Sure, sometimes life can be ultra distracting and, sometimes we don’t get to do the things we want to do or thought we’d do.  Especially when you are running a business.  You may miss opportunities and feel like you are not giving 100%.  You may feel disappointed in yourself or maybe even less confident in your ability to do things.  And that headspace can be a heavy, dark place.

But … it’s important to realise it’s okay.  It’s okay if not everything goes to plan (as a major control freak, this is a massive hurdle for me!).  It’s okay if the unexpected takes over your ToDo list.  It’s okay that perfection or ideals have not been met.


So … today I’m jumping off that round-a-bout … putting myself on a ride with more positive messages.  I’ve been playing Broadway music flat out all week and it has fed my soul xx

I’ve written two blogs (yeah, this is one!) … and scheduled myself out for the next two weeks to MAKE TIME for MY ToDo list.  I’ve posted in my group to begin some positive engagement and apologised for my absence.


If something is holding you back, or bringing you down, see if you can find a light … find a friend … have a vent … talk it out … play some music … get outside in the air … whatever works for you to take that moment to breathe.  And know that you are okay =)

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